May: The Month of Mary and Mercy


May is traditionally the month attributed to honoring Mary, the Mother of God. Why honor and pray to Mary?  Well, she obtains special graces for us from her Son. Imagine that you desired to give Jesus a mere apple, representative of your offering or prayer to God.  Yes, you can give the apple directly to Jesus.  However, imagine rather giving it first to Mary and asking her to give it to her Son.  Mary would take your apple, your offering and prayer, she would coat it in gold and place it upon a gold platter, and then give it to Jesus.  How beautiful is this.  Surely, Jesus listens and does what his Most Blessed and Pure Mother desires.  Just as Mary at the Wedding of Cana asked Jesus to help the newly wed, so she asks and intercedes for us now.

Not only is this a beautiful and mysterious reality, but it is deeply intertwined with God’s infinite and Divine Mercy!  Mercy which has an unbelievable history in our own world, involving such Saints as John Paul II, Maximilian Kolbe, and Maria Faustina Kowalska.  You can read the full riveting story here:


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